We strive to ensure that every individual within the Company understands that safety is their responsibility

CAML employs three full time safety engineers on site at Kounrad, and this team undertook 96 internal health and safety inspections throughout 2017, and continues to regularly review and make improvements to the health and safety systems and processes in place. There are two medical clinics each with an ambulance staffed by eight paramedics providing 24 hour per day cover.

At Kounrad, there is an ongoing programme of health and safety training undertaken for employees throughout the year on a whole range of job related, emergency response and first aid training.

The management team at Kounrad incentivises the workers by offering a $250 prize quarterly for the best health and safety improvement suggestion and in 2017 a total of 96 suggestions were put forward by the workforce. All suggestions are assessed and the management team then initiates an action plan to address all suggestions.

Annual medical examinations were undertaken for all employees and importantly no work or industrial related medical conditions were identified in the workforce.

All of the above measures ensure that a strong health and safety culture prevails at Kounrad.

Sasa’s health and safety function is well established. The mine has four full time safety engineers on site who cover both surface and underground activities. There is also an on-site medical clinic that is staffed 24 hours per day and has an ambulance. The emergency response and rescue team, comprised of employees from site, undertake regular drills to ensure all employees understand the emergency procedures.

The Sasa team has identified several key initiatives for 2018, that should ensure high health and safety standards remain on site. These include adaptation of contractor management to the Sasa safety system, reviewing detailed emergency plans, installing and training employees regarding new rescue equipment including self-rescuers and updating the automatic underground fire suppression system. The team will of course continue to ensure that the safety initiatives and a safe culture are embedded at site.


prize for quarterly safety suggestion winners