We strive to ensure that every individual within the Company understands that safety is their responsibility

CAML employs three full-time safety engineers and, specifically for the Stage 2 Expansion, CAML employed a dedicated safety engineer to oversee the construction programme. Following completion of the Stage 2 Expansion, CAML now has on site three fully staffed medical clinics. In addition, Kounrad has its own fire station fully staffed 24 hours a day on site with a dedicated fire engine. In 2016, CAML purchased a new ambulance so that one can be based at the plant and the second on the Western Dumps.

Several external official inspections were undertaken by the local Kazakhstan Health and Safety Inspectorate during 2016 and inspectors did not identify any significant issues with CAML’s health and safety management system. The total number of internal inspections undertaken by CAML’s health and safety engineers in 2016 was 98.

One of the more hazardous areas on site from a health and safety perspective is the EW building as a result of the relatively higher concentration of acid vapours in the building. In 2016, further measures were taken to improve ventilation in this area, including the installation of a second extractor fan in order to reduce acid vapours in the building.

As in all previous years, training was a central component of CAML’s health and safety management system. Major emphasis throughout the year was on health and safety risk assessments and hazard identification. Risk training of senior management down to supervisor level was undertaken by a health and safety specialist training company. Safety engineers and supervisors subsequently ensured this training was explained to the rest of the workforce. The emphasis was to reduce high risks to a minimum and all extreme health and safety risks were mitigated.

One of the key initiatives to improve and encourage feedback from the workforce has been the quarterly safety award for the best safety suggestion, the winner of which receives a prize of $250.


prize for quarterly safety suggestion winners