We continue to focus on our environmental responsibilities

The environmental team at Kounrad ensures that the Company meets all of its environmental obligations both from a Kazakh regulatory perspective and in accordance with international best practice standards. The environmental engineering team is fully integrated into all site activities and has developed and implemented a comprehensive environmental management system. During the year, the team undertook 161 internal environmental inspections on site.

The team of hydrogeologists on site, comprising a senior hydrogeologist, technicians, samplers and other team members are responsible for controlling and monitoring the groundwater. In 2017, CAML invested in MonitorPro database software. This will enhance the hydrogeological team’s ability to collate, analyse, securely store and access remotely its groundwater and environmental monitoring data.

In 2017, 36 boreholes were drilled around the Western Dumps, with the main focus areas being close to Dump 13 and Dump 20. This brings the total number of boreholes drilled since 2013 around the Western Dumps to 171.

The environmental team at Sasa works to ensure that the mine strictly conforms with its environmental obligations both locally within MAC standards and also to international standards, and undertakes at least two internal inspections weekly. The site has a comprehensive environmental management system in place, and was in February 2017 issued with its certificate relating to its transition to ISO 14001:2015 standards.

Sasa commenced a new biodiversity study in October 2017, which should be completed in November 2018. In conjunction with Shtip University, a 12 month hydrogeological study also commenced in May 2017, assessing sources of river flows, coupled with analysis of water quantity and quality. Continuous air quality monitoring processes have been established on site since September 2017, with monitoring stations placed within the mine boundary as well as the adjacent communities.


environmental inspections undertaken in Kounrad during 2017