Contributing to local communities with active stakeholder engagement programmes

At Kounrad, the site-based committee, consisting of the CSR Director and the in-country General Directors, meets on a regular basis to discuss community and social related issues and activities. Feedback is routinely shared with our head office in London.

CAML’s CSR Committee, consisting of its London based Non-Executive and Executive Directors and Nurlan Zhakupov, meet on a quarterly basis to review and discuss site based CSR activities. This includes reviewing all social donations and development initiatives.

As well as its statutory donations, the Company continues to donate to worthy causes in the local community, providing help to a number of the schools including those with special needs/disabilities and the orphanages in Balkhash. The Company also supported sporting events and youth organisations such as the sailing and parachute clubs, and continued its support for the veterans of the Great Patriotic War (World War Two) in terms of food baskets, flowers and funeral costs for a particular veteran.

CAML bought music equipment for a local school, funded entertainment events in the Mickey Mouse Center for Disadvantaged Children, as well as funding awards and medals for children excelling in football and karate activities. School uniform and footwear were also purchased for over 30 disadvantaged children in Kounrad and Balkhash.

Throughout 2017, the Kounrad CSR team has been focused on setting up a foundation, which will formalise charitable donations and enable the team to effectively allocate resources to help the many needy local causes. This foundation was established in July 2017 and will be in operation from 2018 onwards.

Regarding Sasa, it is clear that the mine is very involved with the local community, and helps the nearby area wherever possible and appropriate. During 2017, Sasa made donations, sponsorships and financial aid in the local community.

Donations and sponsorships were related primarily to sporting equipment and teams, and also to sanitation facilities in the local town. Financial aid was given primarily to individuals with medical need.

Sasa has awarded scholarships to four mining students and aided the Association of Mining and Geological Engineers. In addition, Sasa funded and organised, as usual, the Miner’s day celebrations in local town Makedonska Kamenica on 28 August. This day has marked the re-opening of the mine for some years and is a public holiday in the local town. International Day of Persons with Disabilities is a UN promoted international day on 3 December that has prominence in North Macedonia, and Sasa also helped with celebrations on that day too.