Contributing to local communities with active stakeholder engagement programmes

We are active in stakeholder engagement and donating to worthy local causes, as well as further development of its social management system.

The site-based committee, consisting of the CSR Director and the in-country General Directors, meets on a regular basis to discuss community and social related issues and activities. Feedback is routinely shared with our head office in London.

Throughout 2016, CAML was again active in the local communities. CAML’s CSR Director ensures regular engagement with stakeholders in Kounrad and Balkhash as well as regionally and nationally. CAML’s CSR Committee, consisting of its London based Non-Executive and Executive Directors and Nurlan Zhakupov, meet on a quarterly basis to review and discuss site based CSR activities. This includes reviewing all social donations and development initiatives.

The Committee visited the Kounrad operation in July 2016 to review activities on site and in the community. As part of the tour, a visit was made to the two local schools in Kounrad where the Company has previously donated funds and labour to renovate their sports halls, funded the installation of fully equipped computer classrooms and undertaken various other activities such as the renovation of a kitchen.

The Committee also visited the Kind Heart Centre charity, which is a centre for severely disabled children within the community located in Balkhash.

During 2016, three visits to the Kounrad plant were made by a total of 90 children from the two local schools in Kounrad and the college at Balkhash. The purpose of the visits was to introduce them to CAML’s activities on site with particular emphasis on how the Company looks after the environment in which it operates.

Other notable visits to site during 2016 included the President of Kazakhstan’s Representative as well as the Deputy Akim (mayor) from Karaganda.

CAML is committed to helping social development with an emphasis on health and education, particularly for the most disadvantaged in society in Kounrad and Balkhash.

Notable donations in 2016 included the following:

  • Sponsorship of Balkhash-based youth sports clubs
  • Renovation of the Kounrad school gym
  • Purchase of educational aids for both Kounrad schools
  • Support to the Kind Heart Centre for severely disabled children
  • Support to the Balkhash orphanage
  • Financial support to families with children in need of medical treatment
  • Support of war veterans and other needy elderly members of the community
  • Purchase of school uniforms and equipment for orphaned or families of children in need of support
  • Purchase of benches for the school in Balkhash caring for children with disabilities

Since production commenced in April 2012, we have paid $82 million in taxes to the Kazakhstan government. During 2015, Kounrad Copper Company was ranked first place according to Kazakhstan’s national business rating, for contributing the highest amount of corporate income tax for a medium size business during 2013-2014.


paid in taxes to Kazakhstan government since 2012