Enhancing the town of Balkhash

During summer 2017, the Kounrad team financed and helped to develop local recreational areas as part of an overall regeneration of central Balkhash.

At a cost of $80,000, CAML funded the development of a multi-purpose sports pitch, two outdoor gym areas and two playgrounds for younger children.

CAML CSR Director, Nick Shirley said

“As the photographs demonstrate, these sporting and playground recreational areas that the Company has constructed are already being put to good use by a wide range of community members. We are pleased to have provided these new facilities that will hopefully enhance the lives of many in Balkhash, and particularly the younger members of the community.”

Nick Shirley, CSR Director

Image Gallery

Children's playground
Balkhash children in their new play area
Children's Playground
One of the two outdoor gym areas that CAML funded in central Balkhash
Children's Playground
The multi-purpose sports pitch
Children's Playground
One of the two playgrounds that the CAML team funded and helped to develop